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Travel theme: Strong

I just have a collection of photographs that describe the strength of an object.

cable car, strong cord once

cable car, strong cord once

forklift to lift the diesel engine

forklift to lift the diesel engine

lever to pull the train doors

lever to pull the train doors

 contribution for this challenge

Travel theme: Clean

My first time to this pool. And my conclusion, the pool was clean, as well as parks and parking places.
This  pool is owned by the Marine Corps / Indonesian Navy 



Posting for this challenge

Travel theme: Misty



Posting for This Challenge


Travel theme: Pink

Posting for Ailsa challenge Pink

Travel theme: Ancient

For  challenge this week I took two of my photo collection, two ancient graves (see death of the year 1625) and another is the Ijo Temple, one of the ancient temples in Yogyakarta


Makam Eyang Buyut jauuuuh Seno


Travel theme: Romance

For This week themes challenge, Alisa from Where’s My Backpack is ROMANCE
Speaking of romantic, I and my partner is far from romantic word either words or behavior. But despite that, I still love and romantic version she might be different from the others.

So although in an event or trip we tried to take pictures with the pose looks romantic but it feels less romantic, but let that important in my opinion this photos below is quite romantic.

ImageImagePictures taken when my family traveled to Ketep pass – Jogjakarta to see sights of Mount Merapi from the distance.

Travel theme: Connections

Two photos below hope it can represent a challenge theme connection.



Travel theme: Multicoloured

This gallery contains 4 photos.

For Alisa travel multicolor theme challenge, I still choose the same location as the previous challenge (inside).Location in the main village Cipulir – South Jakarta.