Travel theme: Rivers

Swimming in Oya River

Oya River have seen since of jembatan playen (Playen Bridge ) near orchards Mangunan, on the left and right of this river the full of the trees bushy.
ImageImageMany tourism package offered to enjoy, Oya river . There ‘ s tour packages fringing river using former rubber tire or also rafting. Me and my family who wanted to visit a waterfall located on the outskirts of Oya river, We choose depart using gunwale of a boat barrels ( vat ).

There are several small waterfalls and large along Oya river, cobblestones  at the edge of a river is also good once, whereas when i visited december 2013 ago, discharge of a river is deep enough and water have brown color. But it doesn’t  make us back to enjoy sri gethuk waterfall

ImageImageImageImageAfter playing at   sri gethuk waterfall, tour guides offers us to swim toward any place departure it was before. Because me as a child who grew up in the Riverside Cisadane Tangerang, then the opportunity offered a tour guides for swimming not i I decline, much less kids also want to try swimming at oya river  after finish play at Sri Gethuk waterfal.

Although Depth of Oya river is about 7-10 meters, but the presence of the Guide and outfitting security inherent in each one wants swim makes all of us not to fear. With security equipment and guided tours, so take a dip from the waterfall towards the place of the Chair into an exciting experience for children.

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9 responses to “Travel theme: Rivers

  1. wow the waterfall is beautiful.

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  3. mbiyen q mrene kui ameh mancing bu, gak ameh nonton air terjunE…. hehehe

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  5. seseruan ngapung2 di sungai Oya …menarik banget teh…
    dibiarin dibawa arus aja ya..?

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