Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

According to wikipedia, a monument is the kind of building made to commemorate a person or event that is considered important by a social group as part of a warning the events of the past.Often monuments serves as an attempt to embellish appearance of a city or a particular location.

Here is a photo of the monument to which I belong for Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument
1. Monas ( Monumen Nasional) – Jakarta

ImageMemorial monument as high as 132 meters ( 433 feet ) erected to the memory of resistance and struggle rakyat indonesia to seize independence from colonial government indian the netherlands.

2. Hero’s grave monument -Tangerang District

Image3. Tugu Kujang – Bogor – West Java

ImageKujang is a kind of weapons traditional west java.On the building of this pillar to over there are kujang, therefore called tugu kujang

4.Grand minaret Sumedang – West Java

ImageGreat Mosque Sumedang estimated built first year 1781-1828, but the minaret with high 35.5 meter is newly built around 2002.

5. Tugu Muda Semarang – Central Java

Image Tugu Muda is a pillar which shaped pentagonal.Composed of parts those are runway body and head.On the side of an anvil tugu there are relief.A whole tugu made of stone

17 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

  1. Rajin bgt mba motretin tugu2 hehe

  2. CrazyGuyinThailand


  3. suka sama yang panjang2 ya teh πŸ˜€


  4. ini yang tugu muda motretnya pas lagi lampu merah ya??
    apa segaja dimerahin lampunya?? hihihih

  5. Bu seno nih beneran kolektor foto apa aja. klo butuh foto tempe juga ada kali yak hihihihi

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  7. Bu Seno aku repael semua nih, habis WP di aku error utk bbrp blogger, gak ngert 😦 (Byk jg yg ngeluh- dah persis di K saja πŸ˜† )

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