Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Toko Merah (Indonesian “Red Shop”) is a Dutch colonial landmark in Jakarta Old Town, Indonesia. Built in 1730, it is one of the oldest building in Jakarta. The building is located on the west side of the main canal Kali Besar. The building’s red color contributes to its current name.

Toko Merah was built in 1730 as the residence of the Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies Gustaaf Willem baron van Imhoff (1743-1750) above a 2.471 square meter plot.[1] From 1743 to 1755, the building served as a Navy Academy (Dutch Academie de Marine),[2][3] reputed to be the oldest navy academy in Asia.[1][4]

Afterwards, this building changed its ownership several times.[5] It has been a residence of other Governor General of Batavia: Jacob Mossel (1750–1761), Petrus Albertus van der Parra (1761–1775), Reynier de Klerck (1777–1780), Nicolaas Hartingh, and Baron von Hohendorff.  (wikipedia)

Together with friends from Sahabat Museum, I visited this place  today

Posting for WPC-Inside

11 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

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  2. I am always happy when I see architecture from hundreds of years ago because so much time was taken to make things look beautiful.

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  8. Sepertinya pernah jadi bank juga ya, teh?

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