Travel theme: Romance

For This week themes challenge, Alisa from Where’s My Backpack is ROMANCE
Speaking of romantic, I and my partner is far from romantic word either words or behavior. But despite that, I still love and romantic version she might be different from the others.

So although in an event or trip we tried to take pictures with the pose looks romantic but it feels less romantic, but let that important in my opinion this photos below is quite romantic.

ImageImagePictures taken when my family traveled to Ketep pass – Jogjakarta to see sights of Mount Merapi from the distance.


12 responses to “Travel theme: Romance

  1. Romantis kok ibuseno 🙂

  2. Fotonya kurang mbaaak 😀

  3. foto yang sangat romantis, dengan latar Merapi.. indahnya…

  4. apa malu2 sama fotografernya teh?
    romantis kan nggak harus peluk2 kan teh.., he..he..

  5. co cuiittt….teh, apalagi klo kedua tangan saling menggenggam 😀

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  7. Fotonya bagus sekali Bu Seno, kenang2an yang indah 🙂

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