Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

Definition of Selfie is a self-portrait activity or narcissism.
Well, I was one who likes to photograph selfie. The majority of my photos which itself is the result selfie photos. The sign is visible only half the body, from the chest to the head only, because the photo is hard to do a selfie until the whole body. If one hand is taking selfie scenes look, then I crop the picture will

And here are a collection of photos of my selfie I made a collage

Imageposting for selfie challenge

24 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

  1. Pemotongan Fotonya pas banget….

  2. ah…. koq loadingnya lama yah?
    berat kayanya…. gambarnya nggak nongol2 😀

  3. Aku juga mau nyel-fie ah..ibuseno…

  4. eehh..dipotong2 begitu jadi keren ya bu, jd pingin,hihi..

  5. Jempol narsisnya kali ini Bu Seno

  6. rambutmu ikal sama rambutku, selfie itu menyenangkan menurutku…;)

  7. Mba… colek mba nih. minta dikirim alamatnya dong. mau dikirim bukunya nih. ada di postingan baru saya

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  11. jadi pengen ikutan narsis… *ngumpulinfoto*

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