Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated

I’m really confused with the meaning saturated. If read in the dictionary or google translete, I found the meaning of the word Saturated is “JENUH”.

Still confused, I was googling and there are many answers, most answers related to chemical.  This is one example of the answer  ” Saturated means that no more solute can be dissolved in the solution ,  Unable to hold or contain a more; etx , full …

But are simply, I mean saturated in Indonesian slang is BETE , alias totally boring  upset, fullness .  And here’s the pictures that represent them.

Posting for this challenge


12 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated

  1. beuuuhhhh ….kenyang juga liatnya….

    itu anak kecil kejer pasti loe cubit ye nyah?

  2. saturated = bete? Boleh juga…saking bete-nya sampai jenuh 🙂

  3. saya juga bingung soal tema minggu ini 😦

  4. hahaha kog ngakak lihat anakanak menangis ya? *pasangtanduk..
    boleh juga idenya jenuh, tapi lebih ke “ya apa deh” gitu loh.. itu tumpukan cucian piring kotor di rumah?

  5. aduhhh koq nangis itu bocah??

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