A Word A Week Challenge – BISECT

Late post   for  Sue’s weekly word challenge is “Bisect


Onrust Island – Jakarta


Tampomas mountains in the distance – Sumedang, West Java

15 responses to “A Word A Week Challenge – BISECT

  1. ini gunung tampomas yang “meledak” taon 80an ya?

  2. bisect itu maksudnya apa yah? saya cari di kamus artinya membagi dua. maksudnya dalam satu foto ada dua bagian…. langit dan laut, darat dan langit… begitu kah?

  3. Pengen nyemplung tp gak bs berenang hihi

  4. bisect ki opo sih..?

  5. I wish I could read the comments everyone has left. I am sure we all agree that the photos are breathe-taking. Waving at you from the USA

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