Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

This week’s photo challenge asks those participating to share a photo that represents “fresh”.

I included two photos for this challenge.
This is a fresh drink , lychee iced cantaloupe, almost every day during the fasting month I bought it at opposite my office .

Es Blewah Leci

Es Blewah Leci

In addition cantaloupe and lychee fruit , also other mixtures such as nata de cocco, basil and pieces of gelatin.

The next photo is a mango, fresh having just picked from the tree. I like to eat mango by cut it like this.




24 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

  1. untuuuuuuung udah buka puasa 😉

  2. mau mangganya dong…

  3. One Es Blewah Leci please… yummy… !!

  4. Mango – my favourite fruit!

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  7. mango, my favorite ❤ 🙂

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  9. gluk….glukk……..masih 2 jam lebihhhhhhhhh buka puasa

  10. gak sopaaannnn..masih 2 jam lagi….

  11. Segerrrrrrrr tenan, hemssss…..

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