Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

For Photo Challenge this time is very interesting. Actually, a lot of Indonesian culture is not yet known. I wanted to introduce it, but unfortunately I do not have a lot of stock photos to display. So for the challenge this time I just show footage photo Traditional Wedding Ceremony and Party in Central Java – Indonesia.

1. Stepping Egg ( Injak Telur)

Image This event contains a hope for the bride to have children soon. The egg also has significance as the offspring will be born as the love you both. Then proceed to wash the feet of the groom by the bride which symbolizes loyalty to her husband’s wife.

2. Sindur Sikepan

ImageIt’s means to never give up or never retreat. That is the bride ready to face life’s challenges with a courageous spirit as true. The groom will be escorted by the bride’s father to the altar .

3. Kacur-Kucur

ImageThis event symbolizes prosperity and the task of making a living in a menage. Objects are disbursed form of grain, yellow rice, coins which are given to the mother. So heavy duty husband in making a living, so also wives in managing it. Even so they still remember to parents considering a very large role in one’s life.

4. Sungkeman

ImageThe first sungkeman, directed to the parents and then passed on to the other elders like grandmothers, grandfathers and so on.
Sungkeman is done with respect and made ​​the atmosphere full of emotion, because this young couple is very common in addressing the issue of domestic life. Yet since then they have to walk alone and will become parents for their children someday. That’s why the stock form of blessing is very important and eagerly awaited by the bride and groom.


24 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

  1. waah, keren bu foto2nya…
    saat mantenan seperti itu acara paling mengharukan bagiku pas sungkeman. pernikahan siapapun yang pernah aku hadiri pasti pas sungkeman aku nangis hiks…..

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  3. ada ceritanya ya..

  4. This was such an interesting post. Thank you.

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  6. lengkap euy….

  7. Bu Seno, daku kira yg di kebet pakai kain itu digendong 😆 Kultur kita mmg indah2 banget yaa Bu

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  9. Great explanation. It all makes sense to read the meaning of each gesture.

  10. Hadn’t seen it before, very educational. Well done!

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  14. ah elah bahasane bu…
    haha mendadak terbloon bloon neh…

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