Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge : Featuring Steps or Stairs

Stairs, often analogous to our lives. The first stairs is the beginning of life or our life, can be described as the beginning of our efforts.

Top of stair  is  our success or end of our age. The number of steps each of us may not be the same as the others.   The number of stes was not a determinant of good or not, is not a good measure or not. But the important thing is the process. How does the process  climb the stairs step by step  one until we reach the top is how the process of living during the age, and how the process Is a key determinant of success. How can greatly affect the final process, the process affects the quality.

There are some pictures of stairs from my photo’s collection for posting this challenge


11 responses to “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge : Featuring Steps or Stairs

  1. Enjoyed looking at your photos for the challenge. Thank you for visiting my blog and liking my photos for this week’s challenge.

  2. Bu Seno, wow cantik2 koleksinya 😀 Salam kenal yaa

  3. Such great stairs and some unique ones as well. Thanks for playing along!

  4. aha imogiri ga ketinggalan..

  5. These are beautiful stairs! Great pics.

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