Weekly Photo Challenge – Future Tense


This is the red flowers. For the first time in bloom and with the growth of other buds
The plant was a gift from my son’s school when elementary school farewell.
My son was looking forward to the day to day and water the plants to remain alive and blooming.
And now  my son is almost a year in Grade 1 Junior High School.


12 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Future Tense

  1. adenium…. 🙂

  2. penantian akhirnya terbayar dengan bunga cantik

  3. Setaun baru berbunga? Kalo saya mah udah ditinggalin, nggak akan diurus lagi.
    Hebat Seno…….

  4. ini baru setahun dari seno lulus esde ya? adenium..

  5. Jepun jepang itu ternyata namanya adenium juga yah? Hehe… Nin taunya ini jepun jepang namanya 😀

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