Weekly Photo Challenge : Lunchtime

I come from a ethnic Sundanese – West Java, of course, my favorite food is a food typical western Java. One of my favorite sundanese is grilled fish, vegetables, tamarind dish, tempe (  is a traditional soy product originally from Indonesia , It is made by a natural culturing and controlled fermentation process that binds soybeans).
fried tempeh, fresh vegetables and chilli sauce. In West Java, a place to store a rice called basket, made from woven bamboo. Rice was served hot and spicy sauce adds appetite.

There is another typical lunch menu western Java, the noodle soup, among other ingredients, noodles, cabbage, risol, meat.
Cities in West Java is famous for its soup noodle  is  Bogor. In this photo is the Bogor noodle soup sold in Gg. Latch. Seller Sotomie usually use the cart.


In addition to West Java cuisine, I’m connoisseur chinese food also , and the most I like is capcay .. yummi ..


But a few months , I’m on diet, I’m reducing my portions, so my lunch enough toast and a piece of watermelon.


This article in order to participate Weekly Photo Challenge

13 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge : Lunchtime

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  2. makan besaaaaar…..

  3. makan siangnya berasa jajan.. daku seringnya ngebento bawa dari rumah..

  4. haduuhhh ngileerrr berat :3

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  6. Bu Seno, tak follow ya dari rembulan.mp 😀

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