Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge : Square and Angle

Several photo collections when I travelling. photos using Canon pocket ,camera.  So please understandable if the results are not good,  for  participation in Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge.


The remaining ruins of the Dutch military base on  Onrust Island – Jakarta .  Before the Dutch Army entered and occupied Jakarta.  On the island is Dutch troops unloading activities logistics of war.

Catholic Church Santa Maria Immaculate – Kemetiran Jogjakarta.


The walls inside the temple Mendut – Magelang, Central Java, one of the Buddhist temples. The temple walls are made of brick building material that is covered with natural stone.

The roof of  Mosque at  Banten, one of the oldest mosques in Indonesia, which is full of historical value. the roof of the main building that piled five, similar to Chinese pagoda which is also a Chinese architect named Tjek Ban Tjut



ViharaAvalokitesvara Pagoda  at Banten – Indonesia, an old monastery, built in 1652



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